A Structural Engineering team with an approach for any job. ETIS has been providing structural engineering solutions since the firm’s inception. Since that time we have partnered with clients on projects of all types and sizes. From renovations of custom residences to high rise towers, from design-build to prime construction work, from retail to higher education, we have experts who are inspired to apply their experience and creativity on every project.


Structural building design is a cornerstone of our practice at ETIS. Engineering for buildings includes all aspects of new building design and existing building retrofit. Additionally we can design a wide variety of structural components and structural subsystems depending on the project needs. We are involved from preliminary structural systems selection through on-site construction administration, and our goal is to develop economical and constructible structures that meet the functional and aesthetic vision of each project.


At ETIS we evaluate existing buildings and other structures to provide our clients with opinions for a multitude of subjects that range from determining residual asset value, remaining useful life, expected building performance, and ability to accept change of use or occupancy. We are asked to provide certifications to government agencies and reports for real estate transactions or due diligence studies. Our services include investigation of serviceability issues, feasibility studies of proposed changes to existing buildings, and concepts for new structures. In each case we strive to provide well-written and easily understood evaluations that meet our clients’ needs.


Our structural design work with buildings has led to a deep understanding of floor vibrations and solutions to vibration related issues. We work with our clients to study, observe, and solve complicated and diverse vibration problems. Based on the owner’s needs, we can design new floor systems that are compatible with a variety of sensitive equipment requirements as may occur in medical and research facilities. Floor vibrations in buildings are often the result of adjacent foot-fall but we also have extensive experience addressing vibration issues related to machinery and adjacent construction.


Our success in the retrofit and preservation of existing structures is founded in our understanding of historic structural systems combined with our knowledge of special building code requirements, testing requirements, and techniques to creatively and cost effectively augment these structures to meet current standards. We develop alternative solutions that allow owners to balance trade-offs between costs, constructability, and value of ongoing operations. Our expertise includes work with such systems as unreinforced masonry and clay brick, non-ductile concrete, heavy timber, riveted steel and stone foundations.


FEED is basic engineering which comes after the conceptual design or feasibility study. The FEED design focuses the technical requirements as well as rough investment cost for the project. Often, the FEED package is used as the basis for bidding the fabrication and construction of equipments included in the project.


ETIS provides design services for all types of parking facilities, serving both public and private owners. Our services assist clients in a design-build format, integrating efficient parking layouts into transit, retail, office, and mixed-use facilities. We also help with the functional planning of parking structures, as well as performing structural design. ETIS has taken the role of lead designer for parking structure projects and is capable of managing the entire design team to ensure the client’s needs are met in a timely and economic manner. Our blend of civil and structural engineering allows us to easily see the design from both a transportation and structural design perspective, which generates a comprehensive design solution.